IntelliJ freezes forever when indexing

Issue #1249 resolved
lachlan burnside created an issue

I have recently upgraded to a newer version of Illuminated Cloud and it hasn't been working. Whenever I open a project, a progress bar on the bottom right says 'indexing' and gets to maybe a third of the way. Then, the entire IntelliJ application permanently freezes. In other words, the IDE is completely unusable. Please help!

More details are below.

Illuminated Cloud - Version - Build 20190215084325

IntelliJ version 2017.2.5

OS: Mac

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  1. Nunzio Capasso

    Hi lachlan burnside ,

    i am currently working with a very big ORG (more than 10k files) and yes the indexing is definitely not fast (as expected) but doesn't crash. You should definitely try to install a newer versione of intellij , the one that u are using is almost 2 years old.

  2. Adam Conde

    When I regenerate the offline symbol table, it causes indexing to keep running over and over again (completes and then starts over). IntelliJ doesn't crash per se, but the only way i can get it to stop indexing is to close and reopen IntelliJ.

    IntelliJ 2019.1 Illuminated Cloud -

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    Thanks for verifying, Adam. Can you provide an idea.log from when this is happening so I can see what might be going on?

  4. Adam Conde

    Hey Scott, looks like it's not happening anymore. My intelliJ looks like it was updated automatically to 2019.1.1, so maybe that resolved the problem.

  5. Scott Wells repo owner

    Ah, okay. Good to hear...maybe? I'll resolve this for now and feel free to reopen if it comes back. Thanks for letting me know!

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