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Scott Ruch created an issue

I have an existing project (non-DX) in which I've lost the ability to associate a SF org connection. It used to work, but the IDE hung this morning trying to open my project, the dialog shown was "listing Salesforce DX connections". I had to force-kill Intellij. Tried multiple times to restart to no avail. After getting around that by having Intellij not reopen the project by default, I opened the project manually and the connection was no longer associated. I tried to set it via the "modules and connections" dialog (from Illuminated Cloud -> Configure Project context menu), but the list of available connections is blank.

I've tried: - Removing all connections except the one I'm using - Removing all connections totally and adding the one I'm using from scratch - Removing / reinstalling IC plugin / adding back the connection - Deleting my project entire, cloning fresh from git, creating IntelliJ project from scratch.

None of these allow me to see the connection and associate it with my project. The bizarre thing is that this was working fine until the hang this morning. I see nothing else to point to as the possible cause.

But I'm basically dead in the water - I have to go find another development tool as I can't get this working.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Scott, what type of project is this? Is it a traditional project or an SFDX project? I ask because that drop-down filters the available connections based on the project type. I'm wondering if IC is recognizing the project as being for SFDX (by the presence of an sfdx-project.json file) and therefore isn't showing the native IC connections for selection.

    If that's not the case, feel free to attach or email your idea.log files for review.

  2. Scott Ruch reporter

    Holy cow - someone checked an sfdx-project.json file a day ago. It was something needed for a CI process. Our project isn't DX yet. Thanks, removing that fixed the issue. I updated from master this morning and I picked it up.

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