Can not deploy only a custom field to server

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JinL created an issue

I am using IC2( and create a sfdx project with manifest. I want to deploy a specific custom field by select a custom field meta file and using "Deploy All Metadata..." or "Deploy Modified Metadata". at the "Select Deployment Scope" window, there are all fields and other informations of the object shown in the list and all of the fields are deployed to server. Is there any way I can figure out to deploy only specific metadata file such as a custom field or a listview?

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Hi, Jin. For the most part deployment in an SFDX-with-manifest project works just as it does in a standard MDAPI project. You can start a Deploy All/Modified Metadata action and adjust the filters and scope to decide what you want to deploy. If you want to select specific metadata objects, switch the Contents drop-down to Custom and then select exactly that subset.

    Please let me know if that doesn't make sense or work as described for you.

  2. JinL reporter

    Thanks for reply. So, there is no idea to do by "Deploy All/Modified Metadata" as below, right? I try to switch the contents to "Custom" and select a field or listview then deploy, but all elements of the object is deployed yet.

    sfdx force:source:deploy -p "path/to/objects/MyCustomObject/fields/MyField.field-meta.xml"
  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    That's correct. At present IC only works with metadata at the root type-level for purposes of deployment and retrieval. That will be changing either this week or next, though, as management of metadata at the child type-level is one of the two next items on my list:

    Once that work is complete, you will be able to work with leaf-level metadata in composite metadata types in both MDAPI and SFDX-with-manifest projects.

  4. Scott Wells repo owner

    Note that I've just updated that entry in the wiki to include this issue to ensure that it's addressed properly.

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