Do away with File extensions for LWC and Aura components

Issue #1284 resolved
Brett Nelson created an issue

Currently the extension for a LWC or Aura Component displays on the tab as what portion of the component was opened first. Once the bottom menu is used to look at a different file in a component it is no longer correct to display the extension that was originally open.

Rather than updating the extensions as different files in a component are selected I feel it might be more appropriate to not show the extension on items that behave this way in the UI.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    This is closely related to another request that I'm not finding immediately asking that only one tab ever be opened for a given bundle/tabset. In other words, if you already have foo.cmp open and you try to open fooController.js, switch to the existing top-level tab and the appropriate sub-tab instead of opening a new top-level tab. I think that needs to be in place for this request to work properly. Otherwise you could end up with numerous top-level tabs with the exact same name. I'll rationalize this request with the other and put it on the backlog.

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    I actually did this for a while and received feedback that it was causing issues because it was difficult to tell which file was actually open in a tab due to the common naming conventions in these bundles (the bundle name being the common base for the standard component files in LWC). I'm resolving this because I couldn't find a good semi-solution that removed the extensions in some places and not others.

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