Breadcrumbs in Intellij with Illuminated Cloud 2

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Christian Coleman created an issue

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to use breadcrumbs in Intellij. It appears that in order to enable them there needs to be an entry for your specific language in the Breadcrumbs setting and Apex isn’t included. I can see the information I’m looking for by pressing Alt+Q but I’m hoping to get a permanent addition to the layout.

Let me know if I missed it! If not, would love to see it implemented. I rarely use breadcrumbs but I found myself sorely needing them when doing some refactoring on large classes with equally large methods.

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  1. Jason Clark

    +1. I’ll note that Intelli-J seems to already know how to parse the apex structure correctly; the command “Context Info” (Ctrl-shift-J in the OSX/Sublime keymap) shows this info briefly at the top of the screen, although it disappears as soon as you scroll or press a key. In a pinch it’s better than nothing, but would love always-on breadcrumbs.

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