Invalid namespace when creating a scratch org with a specified namespace

Issue #1314 resolved
Jason Yap created an issue

I have a dev hub and a packaging org. My packaging org has a managed package with the namespace FS02. In my sfdx-project.json, I have namespace FS02 declared as well. When I authenticated and created a scratch org, I got an invalid namespace exception. I’m assuming my namespace is valid since I was able to register it with my managed package. Any workaround for this?

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  1. Jason Yap reporter

    I tested with the cli and this is an issue with sfdx and not Illuminated cloud. Please close/delete this ticket. Sorry for the trouble.

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    Hi, Jason. I've been traveling this week and a bit delayed following up on things. Thanks for keeping me updated. Good luck getting it resolved!

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