Overridden methods can't find usages

Issue #1340 resolved
Justin Julicher created an issue

I have a class that overrides based on Object → String but on the string version it is called by the overridden method. e.g.

 global static Boolean hasRun(Object thisTrigger, Integer amountOfTimes){
        return hasRun(thisTrigger, TriggerContext.getInstance().operationType(), amountOfTimes);

    global static Boolean hasRun(Object thisTrigger, TriggerOperation operation , Integer amountOfTimes){
        return hasRun(String.valueOf(thisTrigger).substringBefore(':'), operation, amountOfTimes);

    global static Boolean hasRun(String triggerName)
        return hasRun(triggerName, TriggerContext.getInstance().operationType(), 1);

    global static Boolean hasRun(String triggerName, Integer amountOfTimes){
        return hasRun(triggerName, TriggerContext.getInstance().operationType(), amountOfTimes);

    //This method in intellij 
    global static Boolean hasRun(String triggerName, TriggerOperation operation, Integer amountOfTimes)

As you can see from the screen shot the method is called on line 21.

Comments (2)

  1. Justin Julicher reporter

    Still happening in my latest build. Any ideas on this one? You can see the method above it calls it and also the method 3 above that.

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    I believe this was resolved a bit back when I fixed some issues with references to overridden methods. Please let me know if you're still seeing it.

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