Fix issues with multi-module projects where each module contains a different version of the same source

Issue #1349 new
Jason Skowronek created an issue

I have two SFDC modules within a single project, one for production, one for sandbox.

When I right-click debug a sandbox class, the debugger launches the production version of the class into debugger.

When I right-click run a sandbox class, the correct sandbox class is run.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong now?

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Right now IC doesn't expect to find more than one copy of the same Apex type in a given project, even across multiple modules. That could (and should) be improved, but for now you're going to have a number of issues with a project set up as you describe with incorrect file resolution. You should either maintain these as separate projects or, if you're using version control, as separate branches. I'll keep this open to make IC handle this type of project config better in the future.

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