Ability to toggle force:source:push vs deploy

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Henry Zhao created an issue

Currently IC runs sfdx force:source:push on save, which is fine for a small project and small org. I average roughly 3-5 seconds on a push with a codebase of ~100-200 Aura and Apex components.

However, when using the same command for a large project with ~144mb worth of components, the push command slows down to a crawl and takes anywhere from 2-5 minutes to push a single line of code. Using force:source:deploy gives me familiar performances of MDAPI projects, deploying in 1-3 seconds.

Is it possible to add a toggle to switch between the force:source:push command and a force:source:deploy command for the behaviour of ctrl+s? I know it's possible to enable Allow deploy/retrieve/delete operations against scratch orgs, this is purely a quality of life improvement to speed up development.

Thanks for your consideration!

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    I've been thinking about this as well...basically allow you to designate a scratch org to be treated as a develop-against-any-org...er...org. I think it's a reasonable request. I'll try to work it in relatively soon.

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    An additional request around this feature from Phil W-S via Google Groups:

    "One comment about this feature; it would be excellent if we could enable retrieve/retrieve for merge independently of deploy/deploy modified when working with a scratch org - we don't want to deploy in this case, just push and having these other buttons enabled opens up opportunity for user error (yeah, I know, there's the deploy dialog first, but still...)"

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