Add support for 2019.2's built-in TextMate Bundles feature for JavaScript and CSS in Community Edition IDEs

Issue #1393 resolved
Scott Wells repo owner created an issue

The JetBrains 2019.2 IDEs include first-class support for TextMate bundles:

This can yield very nice and very configurable syntax highlighting for JavaScript and CSS files in the Community Edition IDEs, e.g.:


Right now if you configure the base IDE to make this work, you lose syntax highlighting for JS/CSS in script/style blocks in markup files. This is because you have to remove the file type associations for *.js and *.css and allow the TextMate Bundles plugin to do the work of syntax highlighting.

When IC runs in a 2019.2+ CE base IDE, it should prompt the user to use TextMate Bundles for syntax highlight similar to how it does now for extended CSS syntax highlighting, and it should also use the TextMate Bundles plugin to provide syntax highlighting for those languages embedded in markup.

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