Freeze when trying to find method usages

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Nils ​Yseboodt created an issue


Once in a while, when you remove some code and another method does not have any references anymore, it does not register it and thinks it is still used (it’s not grayed out). This is not big deal by itself, though if you ctrl+click the method to find all the method references, Intellij freezes and requires to be force quit.

I don’t seem to be able to replicate the first part reliably, where it thinks the method is still used. As a side note, usually the graying out takes a second, when this happens there is no chance of freezing. the issue only happens when the graying out takes a while, if it even happens at all.

As clarification, I did check I am using V2.0.8.2

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Nils, the next time this happens, would you mind sending me the full contents of your logging folder using Help>Compress Logs and Show in Explorer/Finder/Files? That should contain the thread dumps so I can see why it's locking up on you. Neither of the things you're describing should be happening. Hopefully the combination of logs and thread dumps will provide some insight into what's going on.

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