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Nils ​Yseboodt created an issue

Hi Scott,

As you have shown how to access the logs in another issue, I was able to find all of the instances my client freezes, which does happen often and it seems at random most of the time.

This link has all of the freezes in the last couple of days https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-UXKC3d8r10vsFEbq9sobP6YA8WuPbD3?usp=sharing

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  1. Nils ​Yseboodt reporter

    Hi Scott,

    I did manage to get a consistent method to freeze the IDE. A private sub class become unused, had no references anymore and was grayed out. When I tried to remove that code the IDE freezes, requiring a force quit. Each time I restarted the IDE and tried to remove that exact same sub class the issue rose again. To clarify, we often work with sub classes and this issue usually does not occur, though for some reason this case was consistent and I had to edit the file with an other editor to continue.

    You can find the logs in this sub folder https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1CmE98syiV6gua6EfOF3WZXvYjSVG9i86?usp=sharing

  2. Nils ​Yseboodt reporter

    I have found another consistent way to freeze the IDE. This happens after a random amount of time if you have 2 windows open for 1 project. The log of the 24th of september happend when I had a class open on a different, the 1st of oktober when I had a “git diff” window open.

    The random freezes (see the link in the first post) did also happen when I was constantly using more than 1 window. When I stopped doing so no more freezes occurred.


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