Feature: Auto download diff in deployment dialog.

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Justin Julicher created an issue

First: I love the new compare with server feature on files and in the deployment dialog! thanks.

When doing a deploy it would be really good when you select the metadata to automatically download the selected metadata from the target org so you can review and double check that your not going to accidentally overwrite any changes in the target org.

It’s kind of like the opposite of Retrieve for merge option on the retrieval dialog.

Probably 2 ways you could do this:

  1. Next to each selected piece of metadata show a diff icon next to it when it’s been downloaded. So a user doesn’t need to click CTRL-D every time and wait for the retrieval of the meta-data.
  2. OR:
  • Present this as a Review Deploy option and then present using the multi file diff dialog with local on the left and remote on the right. Like how you can diff between files before you commit in VCS.
  • Allow the user to bring changes in from the right → left in the presented diff dialog and save those changes locally.
  • Allow the user to cancel the deploy from the review.

I would start downloading the metadata in the background to speed up the process (maybe say 3 or 4 seconds after a user has selected metadata).

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