Retrieve downloading to wrong dir

Issue #1439 resolved
Justin Julicher created an issue

Hi Scott

I’m trying to retrieve a file and getting this strange behaviour:

Retrieved 6/6 components from CortexFull in 6 s 648 ms with status SUCCEEDED.

• IlluminatedCloud/CortexFull/OfflineSymbolTable/CreateNewSegmentController.cls
• classes/CaseQuickActionController.cls
• classes/CaseQuickActionController.cls-meta.xml
• classes/ChangePasswordController.cls
• classes/ChangePasswordController.cls-meta.xml
• classes/CreateNewSegmentController.cls-meta.xml

As you can see the file CreateNewSegmentController is getting saved in the wrong directory!

Any ideas?

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Yeah. It's another instance of the stub class existing in the OST and it's matching against it. I'll fix it in the next build (or rather next-next as I'm just about to release).

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