Find Apex Usages across VisualForce and Static Resources

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Michael Hoefer created an issue

I'm finding myself having to use the full file search in many cases where I know a method or member variable could be referenced in a VF component or a static resource (making a remoting call, for example).

Would be pretty neat if the Find Usages had an option similar to Search In Text/Comments, where you could expand the reach to VF and resources to cover this case. Would have to be smart though, since a method in apex like getMyValue() would be located in VF as just myValue.

Cheerio matey

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    This actually about half works today. I do tie pseudo-properties (available via accessor methods) to their references for navigation through, but the reference search implementation has a bug where it doesn't find the usage 100% of the time. I'll keep this around for the next bug fix pass and see if I can knock out the part that doesn't work properly.

  2. Scott Wells repo owner
    • changed version to 2.0

    Going to be required for refactorings such as rename and safe delete to have a complete view of all references.

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