Ignore directories with dot (.) during deployment

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Piotr Bokiej created an issue

Inside my salesforce repository, I’d like directories with a dot (.) at the beginning to be ignored during deployment.

CASE: We are forced to use in our repository (no SFDX structure) .__tests__ folders inside LWC components directories.

We use dot at the beginning of .__tests__ directories to ignore it by ANT during deployment so it is necessary for us. The problem is that after saving or deploying using Illuminated Cloud I get SUCCEEDED_PARTIAL error:

lwc/pxTimelineIcon/.__tests__/pxTimelineIcon.test.js: ERROR at line 1, column 9 - LWC1518: Invalid LWC imported identifier "createElement"

That means this directory isn't ignored.

It would be great if Illuminated Cloud ignores directories with a dot at the beginning, that are inside the LWC components.

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