Editor does not pick up syntex correctly when calling super() constructor

Issue #1497 resolved
Piotr Kożuchowski created an issue

When I’m calling super constructor from inheriting class, the syntax is not highlighted correctly - which leads me to belief that editor does not pickup this syntax at all.

It’s clearly visible on this screenshot with Monkai scheme - normally, the string parameter would be yellowish, but it’s all green.

The problem seems to occur for all string parameters inside super().

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Piotr, if you place the caret on the super invocation, does it properly highlight and navigate to the associated constructor? If not, can you provide a simple standalone example that reproduces that issue because I'm unable to do so. If that does work, though, is the only issue the highlighting under an alternative scheme?

  2. Piotr Kożuchowski reporter

    @Scott Wells
    When I place caret on super, I can navigate to it and show javadoc without problems. So yes, only the highlighting is the issue (and only for Strings), but it’s not only under alternative schema. It’s for all color schemes, standard schemes included.

    The simplest example which reproduces it for me is this (you can copy paste them as inner classes of any existing class, that’s how I’ve created then on my side). Also, “this” also seems to be affected by the same issue and as above, navigation and javadocs are resolved correctly.

        class Alpha {
            private Alpha() {
            protected Alpha(String test) {
        class Beta extends Alpha {
            public Beta() {

    Same thing, but in plain old java:

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