Save All (ctrl +S) is not working

Issue #1502 resolved
Himanshu Patel created an issue

Hi Scott,

Today suddenly I have encountered the problem where I can’t save the files to the server. I tried on different projects on different sandboxes can’t save the file.

Even I can’t see the message on the bottom stripe nor in the event log. Saving with shortcuts and also with menu doesn’t work. Suddenly it stopped working.

Interestingly Force save works.

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  1. Ilija Pavlic

    This can happen when keymappings are changed. The change unchecks the Override save all, which stops the save all from working. Interestingly, the “Deploy all modified files” checkbox doesn’t work as expected. Even if unchecked, it still tries to deploy files other than the current one.

  2. Himanshu Patel reporter

    It is sorted. Somehow “Deploy on Save“ checkbox was not checked. It is working.

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