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Issue #1503 resolved
Scott Wells repo owner created an issue

This was reported by a user where attempts to deploy Bot metadata were silently doing nothing.

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  1. Scott Wells reporter

    Attaching a build with a prospective fix for this issue. I'm able to deploy Bot metadata successfully with this build. Install it using Settings/Preferences>Plugins>Install plugin from disk (under the gear drop-down menu).

  2. Scott Wells reporter

    That's great! Let me know if you see any other issues. For now sit tight on this build (and get your coworkers onto it as well), and I'll post a new official build early next week that includes this fix as well as some others.

  3. Matt Casella

    @Scott Wells I am now in a state where I am getting the following upon deployment:

    5:07 PM Deployment Complete: Deployed 0/1 components to Dunkin (DEV) in 17 s 333 ms with status SUCCEEDED_PARTIAL.

    with no additional errors (I think typically there’s more information about the specific error here)

  4. Scott Wells reporter

    Matt, if you enable debug logging for deployment, is there anything more useful in the log? I'd like to see the raw deployment API response which should be logged at the debug level.

  5. Matt Casella

    Yes, there is an error. The XML is malformed somehow, but I would expect to see this error visible on deployment.

    2020-01-15 17:10:49,238 [10968311]   INFO - er.ForceComMetadataApiDeployer - Deployment status = SUCCEEDED_PARTIAL 
    2020-01-15 17:10:49,238 [10968311]  DEBUG - er.ForceComMetadataApiDeployer - Processing 1 component successes. 
    2020-01-15 17:10:49,239 [10968312]  DEBUG - er.ForceComMetadataApiDeployer -   Successfully deployed package.xml 
    2020-01-15 17:10:49,239 [10968312]  DEBUG - er.ForceComMetadataApiDeployer - Processing 1 component failures. 
    2020-01-15 17:10:49,239 [10968312]  DEBUG - ij.builder.ForceComBuilderUtil - Converting deploy message:
      "changed": false,
      "columnNumber": 36,
      "componentType": "BotVersion",
      "created": false,
      "createdDate": {
        "orig_year": 2020,
        "orig_month": 1,
        "orig_day": 15,
        "orig_hour": 22,
        "orig_minute": 10,
        "orig_second": 47,
        "orig_fracSeconds": 0.000,
        "orig_timezone": 0,
        "year": 2020,
        "month": 1,
        "day": 15,
        "timezone": 0,
        "hour": 22,
        "minute": 10,
        "second": 47,
        "fractionalSecond": 0.000
      "deleted": false,
      "fileName": "bots/",
      "fullName": "Joe.v1",
      "lineNumber": 4999,
      "problem": "Invalid action reference: null.",
      "problemType": "ERROR",
      "success": false
    2020-01-15 17:10:49,239 [10968312]   WARN - er.ForceComMetadataApiDeployer -   Found ERROR for BotVersion bots/Joe.v1: Invalid action reference: null. 
    2020-01-15 17:10:49,239 [10968312]  DEBUG - er.ForceComMetadataApiDeployer -   Failures match the following file(s): {  }. 
    2020-01-15 17:10:58,162 [10977235]   INFO - rationStore.ComponentStoreImpl - Saving Module: 'Dunkin (DEV)1'FacetManager took 11 ms 
    2020-01-15 17:12:40,848 [11079921]   INFO - .script.IdeScriptEngineManager - javax.script.ScriptEngineManager initialized in 243 ms 

  6. Scott Wells reporter

    Okay. I'll take a look and make sure that an error of this type is properly surfaced to the end user.

  7. Scott Wells reporter

    Matt, can you share what kind of error you'd introduced into the job XML file that resulted in this error being reported? I'd like to reproduce the exact same behavior so that I know that I've fixed it, and so far all of the errors I've forced in my job XML file have resulted in proper error reporting.

  8. Scott Wells reporter

    Deployment fix delivered in Still awaiting a reproducible example of the error reporting issue which will then be fixed promptly as well.

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