Unable to create new connections (after updating runtime to JRE8)

Issue #1507 resolved
Noe Tamez created an issue


I updated Webstorm to 2019.3.1 and afterwards I lost all my previous configurations. When trying to reconnect my project with updated and new connections to Salesforce I test the connection successfully and immediately get an prompt saying login failed and try again. I followed the instructions to change the runtime and I picked 8. Restarted Webstorm and I continue to see the same issue:

Webstorm version: 2019.3.1

Webstorm build version: WS193.5662.54

Illuminiated Cloud version:

Illuminiated Cloud build: 20200114100127

Java: 1.8.0_202_release_b1491 x86_64

OSX 10.14.6

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