Recente Files (Cmd + E) aren't differentiate JS files

Issue #1509 resolved
Dudu Nato created an issue

When I hit command + E to get the recent opened files I can't differ between Helper and Controller.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    I customize the tab titles for several file types:

    • Apex source files - omit the .cls extension
    • Aura and LWC bundles - show the bundle name instead of the name of the file via which the bundle tabbed editor was opened

    The latter is what's causing you issues. I checked and unfortunately there's not a way to metaphorically have your cake and eat it too. The plugin SDK mechanism that's used to set a custom editor tab title is also used to determine the name in the recent files list.

    I see four primary options here:

    1. Leave it the way it is now, though that doesn't resolve the issue you've reported here.
    2. Revert it to the previous behavior for Aura/LWC bundles so that the tab title is the name of the file via which the bundle tabbed editor was opened. Apex source files would be unchanged.
    3. Have the tab title be bundleName (fileName) where fileName is the name of the file via which the bundle tabbed editor was opened.
    4. Allow the user to configure which of the three options to use.

    The last is obviously the most flexible, but it seems like potential overkill to me. I tried the third and I feel like it makes things noisy. I'm leaning toward the second. Thoughts?

  2. Dudu Nato reporter

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the reply. I’m totally fine with the second option and you’re right, the third one seems noisy.
    I like having the title bar as the name of the file. I don’t use tabs and I rely strongly on Recent Files to move fast. I can workaround the way it is today using the “subtab” shortcuts to move through the files within the bundle. It’s not optimal, but it works too.
    If going for second option won’t get in the way of the other users, I’m all for it.

    Thanks so much for the amazing support.

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    Okay, good. I just dropped the change for inclusion in Monday's build (which also includes another MAJOR enhancement to Apex code completion).

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