hanging on "Loading details for Salesforce DX connection {connection}"

Issue #1516 resolved
Andrew Visser created an issue

Starting about a week ago I’ve had the following background task hang intermittently

Cancelling the task does nothing. I’ve let it run for 10 minutes before cancelling and 10 minutes after cancelling. It never ends. The editor remains usable, but I can’t do any deployments.

This connection is an OAuth connection to a scratch org.

I quit IntelliJ and restart to “resolve” the issue.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Hi, Andrew. I'm sorry for the issue. Can you please email the contents of the directory opened by Help>Show Log in Explorer/Finder/Files to support@illuminatedcloud.com after this occurs? That should include not just the IDE log but also thread dumps that hopefully show the internal state of the process so I can see what's going on.

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    Andrew, it doesn't so much look like a deadlock as it does like sfdx force:org:list is taking a very long time on your system. Can you please do the following from the command-line and let me know if it doesn't help?

    • Run sfdx force:org:list --clean to remove all expired/stale scratch org entries.
    • Run sfdx force:org:list and for each non-scratch org with a CONNECTED STATUS other than Connected, run sfdx force:auth:logout -u <orgAliasOrUsername>.

    That will ensure that sfdx force:org:list is not having to check status on any orgs other than the ones that you're actively using. I've seen the runtime of that command drop from minutes to just a few seconds for some users.

    Please let me know whether that helps or not.

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    In the past few releases I've made IC use the --skipconnectionstatus flag automatically, and I've integrated the force:org:list --clean action into the connection manager. Hopefully this problem no longer occurs.

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