No Conflicts on deployment being detected with deploy on save enabled

Issue #1517 resolved
Zach French created an issue

I am working with a team of developers where everyone has their own dedicated login. Conflicts are not being detected incosistently when “Deploy on Save” is enabled. We noticed when deploying lightning and web components that it was overwriting the files in Salesforce even though there was already change on the server. Is there a specific setting not enabled or does this appear to be an issue?


  • Check for Conflicts enabled

    • Set to Dedicated Logins
  • Override Save All action is enabled

  • Deploy on Save is enabled

If you disable, Deploy on Save and then Deploy Only Modified Metadata it will display the conflicts consistently.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Zach, can you please have developers enable debug logging for metadata deployment and, the next time this happens, please either attach the resulting idea.log (Help>Show Log in Explorer/Finder/Files) or email it to That will show the details for conflict detection as well.

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    I checked out our email exchanges on this topic and haven't heard anything since March. Resolving due to lack of activity, but if this problem has still been occurring, please reopen and provide the requested debug logs for review.

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