When I attempt a deploy a pop-up is displayed with the message: 'Error. Could not send message'

Issue #1521 resolved
Atanas Vasilev created an issue

When I click OK, it’s the error pop-up is re-rendered once again, and when I click OK for the second time, it gets dismissed, but without any subsequent deployment commencing.

This happens whenever I initiate either of:

  • Force Save - the error is rendered twice (if I click OK)
  • Deploy All Metadata - the error is rendered twice (if I click OK) and then it is dismissed with no metadata listed in the contents pane.

I’m using:

  • Web Storm 2019.3.2
  • Illuminated Cloud

Prioritizing as Critical, for I need to resort to deploying via Ant, which takes much longer and is therefore inconvenient.

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  1. Atanas Vasilev reporter

    Hm, this started working again 10 minutes later. I guess it might have been related with Salesforce connectivity issues.

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    Sorry for the delayed response. I was away for a short while over lunch. I'm glad that it's working for you again. If you do see it recur please re-open, enable debug logging for metadata deployment, reproduce the issue while that level of logging is active, and attach or email the resulting idea.log file using Help>Show Log in Explorer.

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