@TestVisible is ignored for private methods

Issue #1538 resolved
Alexander Johannes created an issue

The latest release of IC introduced a regression regarding the visibility of private methods which are overridden.

We are using the @TestVisible annotation for private virtual methods in order to mock/stub methods for testing. Now all private methods are marked as having an error. See also the attached screenshot.


public virtual with sharing class TestPrivateMethod {

    private virtual void foo() {

private class TestPrivateMethodMock extends TestPrivateMethod {

    private override void foo() {




@TestVisible should be treated like protected/public and not produce an error like that.


All classes do have multiple error annotations, making it impossible to find 'real' issues without deploying the code to Salesforce.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Ah...duh on my part. I'll fix that in the next build. It's a benign warning, but it's obviously misleading and annoying. Thanks for letting me know!

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