Apex Go To Declaration seems to prefer OST

Issue #1571 new
Xander Victory created an issue


  1. Create new project (I’m using sfdx based with Sandbox org)
  2. Connect to existing org with custom Apex classes
  3. Let it generate the OST
  4. Download all Apex classes (non namespaced)
  5. Go to some apex code
  6. Attempt to go to definition on a method that is present in both the OST & a local copy of (from step 4)
  7. Taken to the OST version (no method body)

Workaround is naturally to regenerate the OST

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Interestingly I have a change for the next release that may address this. If not, I'll certainly look into it further because obviously that can lead to confusion at best, but likely issue with features that depend on finding the right source as well.

  2. Xander Victory reporter

    Sadly I’ve just seen this reoccur (noticed because a method was showing as unused) on a separate org


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