Disable Deploy-On-Save when Required confirmation for all write operations is enabled

Issue #1578 resolved
Mike Eaton created an issue

Use Case:

I often work with Einstein Analytics files which is always associated with a PRD connection. I frequently reformat files to make them more legible. I like to save the reformat locally which by design initiates the Write Confirmation dialog. I would like some way to disable the Write Confirmation for an entire project so I’m not constantly prompted every time I want to make a local change.

As a side thought, having the Deploy-On-Save Disabled by default for PRD connections wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    FYI, in tomorrow morning's build I'm adding an option to be more explicit about whether deploy-on-save should be disabled for connections requiring write confirmation. This change caught several users by surprise, so now it's going to be an explicit opt-in behavior. If you're using this feature, just check the Require confirmation for all write operations>Disable deploy on save sub-option for the appropriate connections after taking the update.

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