Exporting tree view capabilities

Issue #1619 resolved
Henry Zhao created an issue

In Log Analyzer tab, we have the option to view the log in tree view. I’d very much like to export this view to further process/study on my own, but the editor doesn’t have any explicit export buttons.

Is there a button or functionality that I’m missing, or does Log Analyzer Tree View currently not support any form of exports? I saw in a previous issue ticket that you mentioned the coverage report export is a standard IntelliJ/Webstorm feature, I was wondering if this table view export could be something similar.

As usual, thanks a lot Scott for the great plugin and support 🙂

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Hi, Henry. No, there's not any way to export the tree table view from the log analyzer right now. I'll keep this around as something to consider in the future.

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