Sometimes unable to retrieve the metadata references

Issue #1623 resolved
Himanshu Patel created an issue


Sometimes I am not able to retrieve the metadata for new fields. When I regenerate offline symbols (Full and Sobject) new zip file is generated, but unable to see the references. Therefore, the editor can’t fetch them while typing.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Assuming that the field has been deployed, the main thing that would prevent it from showing up in the OST is lack of authorization. See the docs for Ensure field read access in the user guide. If that's unchecked--and it's safe for your user to have authorization on all fields--check it and regenerate the OST. If that's already checked--or if checking it doesn't resolve the issue--I'll likely need to see some debug logs from OST generation.

    Let's start there and see if that helps.

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