keyboard shortcuts for LWC/Aura removed?

Issue #1637 resolved
Andrew Visser created an issue

I used to use ctrl+shift+(right/left) to navigate between the various parts of Aura components (Component/Controller/Helper…), LWC (HTML/Javascript), and anything else where there is a secondary tab on the bottom of the editor.

Those shortcuts no longer work and I can’t find anything in the keymap that matches the behavior I’m looking for. I’d say it’s been missing for the last six weeks at least.

Did those get removed? Am I just missing them in the keymap?

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  1. Andrew Visser reporter

    My bad. I didn't realize this was an IntelliJ feature - I've never seen editor sub-tabs outside of IC2 so I thought it was an IC2 action.

    The new IntelliJ is very active about keyboard shortcuts that conflict with OS-level shortcuts. I must have clicked "remove" at some point.

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