SFDX on sandbox is super slow as compared to VScode

Issue #1641 resolved
Pranay Jaiswal created an issue

It looks like the way Illuminated cloud uses SFDX for sandbox makes it super slow.

Saving a single file in Illuminated cloud , auto generates this command.

C:/Program Files/Salesforce CLI/bin/sfdx.cmd force:source:deploy -u pranay.jaiswal@XXXXX.com.lp175 -o -g -x C:/Users/pranay.jaiswal/AppData/Local/Temp/OodleForce-lp175sfdx-package.xml -w 0 --json

Thus the saving gives this stat:

09:59 Deployment Complete: Deployed 1/1 components to lp175sfdx in 5 m 25 s 844 ms with status SUCCEEDED.

Where as for VS code the command generate is

sfdx force:source:deploy --sourcepath c:\IdeaProjects\OodleForce\force-app\main\default\classes\ActionsTimeLineControllerTest.cls --json --loglevel fatal

saving same file in VS code takes 20 secs

09:43:08.51 sfdx force:source:deploy --sourcepath c:\IdeaProjects\OodleForce\force-app\main\default\classes\ActionsTimeLineControllerTest.cls --json --loglevel fatal
09:43:25.426 sfdx force:source:deploy --sourcepath c:\IdeaProjects\OodleForce\force-app\main\default\classes\ActionsTimeLineControllerTest.cls --json --loglevel fatal
 ended with exit code 0

=== Deployed Source
STATE  FULL NAME                      TYPE       PROJECT PATH                                                             
─────  ─────────────────────────────  ─────────  ─────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
Add    ActionsTimeLineControllerTest  ApexClass  force-app\main\default\classes\ActionsTimeLineControllerTest.cls         
Add    ActionsTimeLineControllerTest  ApexClass  force-app\main\default\classes\ActionsTimeLineControllerTest.cls-meta.xml

can we align illuminated cloud to use VScode sfdx commands while saving in sanbdbox to make it faster?

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    It doesn't look like you have Tooling API-based deployment enabled. Either that or you're deploying an Apex class in VS Code and something not allowed via the Tooling API in IC. IC will use the Tooling API for any combination of Apex and Visualforce source files, any single static resource, any single Aura bundle file, or (optionally, though there are known limitations) any single LWC bundle file. Deployment tends to take a second or two.

    Can you verify that you have the Tooling API enabled as documented here?


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