Add a command palette (Cmd+Shift+P) option to Refresh Salesforce CLI Connections

Issue #1642 resolved
Jason Clark created an issue

With the change in to no longer run force:org:list automatically, we have the option to force a refresh explicitly in Illuminated Cloud > Configure Application > Connections, by clicking the refresh icon (tooltip “Refresh Salesforce CLI Connections”). It would be helpful for this functionality to be exposed as a command palette command (Cmd+Shift+P) to avoid the need to enter the tabbed IC Settings dialog. Additionally, I believe this would allow the user to set an app-wide keyboard shortcut for the feature as well.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

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    Added a Refresh Salesforce CLI Connections action. This is not bound to any key by default, nor is it included in any of the drop-down or context menus. It is available via the action palette and can be bound to any desired key, added to menus, etc., as desired.

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