"Remove Connection Or Scratch Org" deletes scratch org permanently

Issue #1652 resolved
Andrew Visser created an issue

Clicking the "Remove Connection Or Scratch Org" when a scratch org is selected permanently deletes the scratch org. That is NOT what I would expect to happen. For all other connection types, your org still exists just fine.

Nothing about the messages indicate that the org will be deleted.

This is especially problematic when sharing credentials with your team. They expect “delete” to just remove references to that org. Then it deletes my org with all my work. Not fun.

This also seems to happen with OAUTH connections.

AT A MINIMUM, there need to be BIG BIG WARNINGS if you’re going to leave the delete in. I would argue that a screen that manages CONNECTIONS has no business deleting orgs.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Yes, that's the expected/intended behavior and is documented in the user guide:

    Deleting Connections

    If you no longer use or need a connection, select the connection in the list and click the Delete Connection icon. This will remove the connection from the system completely — not just the Connections list — so be sure you no longer have use for a connection before removing it. Otherwise, you'll need to configure the connection again. Scratch org connections are removed using sfdx force:org:delete, and OAuth connections are removed using sfdx force:auth:logout.

    Nonetheless, I subscribe to the principle of least surprise, so I'll take a look at making the confirmation messages more informative about what's going to happen in an upcoming build. That's easy enough to do, and if it helps mitigate unexpected behavior, it's worth it.

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