Add option to enable old sfdx connection drop down behaviour

Issue #1655 resolved
Jurgis Salna created an issue

I don’t like the new behaviour - the popups are annoying and disappear. Using hotkey to reload connections is worse experience that before.

Unsure how exactly you get connections, but using new flag (--skipconnectionstatus) in cli makes it really fast.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Yeah, that new option was introduced at pretty much the same time that I implemented the most recent caching behavior, and for the first 3-4 weeks the CLI that supported that flag had MAJOR issues so I just moved forward with my own caching. I do plan to revisit the use of --skipconnectionstatus, but I'm trying to give sufficient burn-in time on the CLI versions that support it.

    Note that you can completely disable the pop-ups if you like. While the new behavior may not be to your liking, for those who were having very long pauses due to synchronous invocations of force:org:list, it's been met favorably. Nonetheless, it's definitely not the desired end state and there will be other refinements soon.

  2. Jurgis Salna reporter

    Yeah noticed too new flag came out at the same time. Now it takes just 0.7 second to list connections (and most of that is probably my network)!

    Maybe you can add modifier - holding alt and clicking on connections list would refresh it synchronously.

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    What I'm likely going to do is update the current config options about whether to prompt or not to have multiple options:

    1. Prompt when stale (current behavior).
    2. Automatically invoke force:org:list (or force:org:display as appropriate) when stale (previous behavior).
    3. Automatically invoke force:org:list --skipconnectionstatus when stale (force:org:display would be exactly like second option above).

    That way people who want to minimize implicit CLI invocations to get connection details can choose the first, people who are fine with it running automatically and always being accurate can choose the second, and people who want it to run automatically knowing that things can be stale because it's not checking status can choose the third.

    I'll probably take a look at that next week at the earliest.

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