Allow disabling of tabbed editor behavior

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Jurgis Salna created an issue

I feel this bug has been around before. Clicking Javascript, Helper, etc should open a new editor tab.

Also note the filename doesn’t change in the editor, causing some confusion when switching tabs.

Happens with both lwc and aura.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    This is an aspect of the tabbed editor behavior for Aura/LWC bundles. There are two sets of tabs involved, the primary editor tabs--generally at the top--and the editor sub-tabs at the bottom. The primary editor tab is named based on the original file through which the bundle was opened; the sub-tabs are named based on either the role played by the selected file, e.g., "HTML", "JavaScript", "CSS", "Metadata", or the actual filename if it's a supporting file, e.g., a Jest test. You can easily navigate between sub-tabs using either Related Symbol or Select next/previous tab in multi-editor file.

    I apologize but this is unlikely to change. Based on end user feedback it's a favorite feature for Aura/LWC dev and even for providing easy access to meta.xml files without having them pollute the Project view. I'll keep this request around but change it to an enhancement to be able to disable tabbed editors for those who prefer not to use them.

  2. Jurgis Salna reporter

    Heh, I’ve always thought it’s a bug, not a feature! 😃

    Yes seems bottom tabs are highlighted correctly.

    As I said, it’s very confusing when working on couple of files and you expect it’s gonna open html template but instead it’s some JS class.

    I’d very much love it to be an option.

    p.s. indeed I love meta.xml hidden from project view - barely ever touch them. It’s great they are in bottom tab, but again - clicking on Metadata should open xml file in new tab, not get into this weird hybrid state 🙂

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