Prompt on secure connection should default to "No"

Issue #1666 resolved
Piotr Kożuchowski created an issue

When executing anonymous apex on secure connection, the prompt is defaulted to “Yes”, which makes it easier to execute by mistake.

Consider this example - I usually execute apex with Ctrl+Enter shortcut, then popup shows up and it’s very easily to involuntarily hit Enter again.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    While I do agree with this, unfortunately there's no way to specify a default button for the plugin SDK's confirmation dialog. I'd have to reverse the "Yes" and "No" labels which would make this specific dialog behave differently from all other confirmation dialogs, likely leading to further confusion. The only alternative would be to create a custom confirmation dialog. I think before I do that I may log an enhancement request against the plugin SDK to allow callers to specify an optional default button.

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    Doh! Never mind. There actually is a nice way to do this in the existing plugin SDK. I already have a build ready to go this week, but I'll look at including this in next week's build. I likely want to make this configurable--or at least make it remember the last choice and use that as the default--so as to avoid a completely unexpected change for other users of this feature.

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    Okay, I actually did go ahead and take care of this for tomorrow morning's build. From the upcoming release notes:

    Made the default button in the write confirmation prompt configurable. When write confirmation is enabled, the user can specify the default button to be Yes (default), No, or Same as last response. If Same as last response is specified, the default button is the same as the one selected for the previous write confirmation.

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