Complete deadlock refreshing sfdx connections

Issue #1684 resolved
Xander Victory created an issue

Unsure if this is related to another bug or if just an unlucky circumstance.

  1. Updated to latest release
  2. Restarted IDE to activate
  3. A notification popped up saying the connection list might be stale
  4. Clicked Refresh on the notification (likely before normal startup/indexing was finished)
  5. Complete GUI freeze, had to kill the IDE

Comments (3)

  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Hey, Xander. Yes, I saw this yesterday as well. It seems to occur when multiple threads simultaneously try to refresh the CLI info for a connection. I'll be looking into it for the next build.

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    I just dropped a fix for this for inclusion in the next build (likely Thursday due to some mid-week outages).

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