Better defaults for new scratch org dialog

Issue #1685 resolved
Aidan Harding created an issue

Very much a minor quality-of-life one, but maybe also an easy one…

When I create a scratch org for an existing project, I usually have a definition file like config/My-Project-scratch-def.json

The dialog for creating a new scratch org has an option to pick the definition file, but that fires up a file explorer (on Mac at least) which is in the most recently used directory, not the current IC project. So, I have to navigate to My-Project/config to find it.

The ideal would be for IC to recognise that there’s only one .json file in /config and pre-select it, so that I can just push OK.

Either way, it would be great to default the file opener dialog to start in my project so that it’s a least fewer clicks.

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