SFDX against tracked developer org (beta)

Issue #1689 resolved
Mike Mikula created an issue

Hello, I may be facing a limitation of trying to compare more than 10,000 components, but thought I’d raise a flag.


  • Clone a sandbox from production org that has over 100k components and even the subset selected for package.xml is over 10k
  • Setup new sfdx project with with push/pull on developer org
  • Track desired components
  • attempt to pull
  • receive error for maxquerylimit
  • attempt to increase it to 20k and receive error on any sfdx command

My goal is to quickly view the diff between my IDE and org, but it seems I have too many components for it to track. Ultimately I did a retrieve, which got all my files however now it thinks they are all new files even though they exist on the server.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    If I'm understanding correctly, this is likely a CLI issue and should be raised in the CLI issue tracker. It sounds like you could easily reproduce this exclusively from the CLI without IC in the mix, right?

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