TextMate Bundles file type association keeps popping up each boot

Issue #1691 resolved
Anton van Dijk created an issue

Illuminated Cloud


Build 20200812102214

IntelliJ IDEA CE

Version 2020.2

Build #IC-202.6397.94


Windows 10 Enterprise

Version 1803


Each boot of IntelliJ the attached popup will show related to Textmate Bundles with Javascript.

As soon as I commit it will show another popup related to CSS.

If I press “Yes” and remove the file type association from the configuration, a confirmation popup appears.

But as soon as I exit and boot IntelliJ again, the same popups show. I can’t seem to get rid of them.

Disabling Illuminated Cloud 2 plugin will stop the popups.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Hi. When you click "Yes" the file types dialog should be displayed. If that's not happening, I'd need to see your idea.log to understand why it's not being displayed. If it is being displayed, though, you need to find the "CSS (Syntax Highlighting Only)" file type and remove the "*.css" file type pattern from that file type. Don't remove the entire file type; instead remove the extension from the file type. The same with "JavaScript (Syntax Highlighting Only)".

    Ideally IC would do this for you, but there are restrictions in the plugin SDK that prevent plugins from changing file type associations explicitly on behalf of the user.

    Please let me know whether that helps or not.

  2. Anton van Dijk reporter

    Okay that was a simple fix, the file type dialog would display and that was not the issue.

    However, I used to remove the file type as a whole. The thing is that I got a positive confirmation that TextMate Bundles was then setup correctly.

    I tried it your way (just removing the association, leaving an empty file type) and it works like a charm!

    Thanks for taking the time to respond :)

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    Glad that did it. I only had such as ready response because I helped another user with the exact same issue the other day. I've already logged a bug/enhancement request with JetBrains to allow plugin authors to automate this process a bit more than they can now. Even if there were a prompt like "Illuminated Cloud would like to remove the *.css association from CSS (Syntax Highlighting Only", that would be much better than what's required now.

    I'll also revisit the wording in that dialog to make it clear that you remove the association and not the entire file type.

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