Advice to rebuild indices following Symbol Table rebuild now seems redundant; The IDE already does it.

Issue #1692 resolved
Tom Fuda created an issue

I’m using Illuminated Cloud in RubyMine. Whenever I rebuild the symbol table, IC displays a dialog recommending that you close and re-open the project to rebuild indices. But, I’m seeing that as soon as the symbol table build operation completes, the IDE is already automatically rebuilding the project indicies. It seems to recognize that the symbol table has been updated. So, it now seems like a redundant operation; closing the project and reopening it causes the IDE to re-index a second time. It seems like the dialog recommending to rebuild the indices and cache can be eliminated.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Tom, it's not redundant unfortunately. If you choose not the close/reopen the project, once in a while something doesn't get cleared out from an in-memory cache properly that does when you close/reopen the project. That's separate from the indexing that occurs. I've tried to track whatever it is down a few times and have narrowed it but never completely eliminated it. I have another pass on TODO list for soon as I'd really love to eliminate that prompt, but for now it's safest to allow the plugin to close/reopen the IDE to ensure consistent caches and indices.

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