Anonymous Apex execution

Issue #17 resolved
Scott Wells repo owner created an issue

Add the ability to author anonymous Apex in the Illuminated Cloud Apex editor, execute the Apex, and view the results.

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  1. Nishant Goswami

    Good Morning Scott,

    Apparently your log level functionality is not working in Anonymous Apex.


  2. Scott Wells reporter

    Hi, Nishant. I just tried it against a few orgs and am seeing the log fine. Can you provide more information about the type of org your using, etc., that might help diagnose the issues that you're seeing? Also, I just opened new issue #126 to track this rather than reopen this one around the original feature. If you don't mind, could you attach any additional diagnostic info there. Thanks!

  3. Scott Wells reporter

    Nishant, I just updated issue #126, but I've identified the issue and have both a fix for the next release and what should be an effective workaround until then. Please let me know if the workaround doesn't resolve the issue for you and be on the lookout for the real fix in the next few days. Thanks for the bug report!

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