Windows 10 user is hitting "There are networks adapters...that are disabled" issue

Issue #1700 resolved
Scott Wells repo owner created an issue

I've been working with a user via email on this issue on Windows 10. Logging this case to provide a forum for sharing ideas and even test builds with the user to help resolve the problem.

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  1. Scott Wells reporter

    This build includes the latest release of the third-party licensing software (4.3.3 vs. 4.3.0 in the current official build). Please download it and install it using Settings>Plugins>Install plugin from disk (under the gear drop-down menu), then try to re-verify the license.

    If that still fails, here is the advice from the licensing software vendor:

    So, for starters, make sure they’re using TA 4.3.3.

    Next, have them remove all Kaspersky software. It’s state-sponsored spyware with direct ties to the Kremlin. It provides no value – use the built-in Microsoft anti-virus software (it’s free and actually works).

    Next, have them upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10 (hard to see what version of Windows 10 they’re on – yes, it’s confusing.)

    The first is what you're doing by installing the attached build. I don't know if the second applies to you or not. The third, though, should definitely be performed to ensure you're on the latest build of Windows 10 as well as Illuminated Cloud 2 and its supporting software.

    Please let me know the outcome.

  2. Tamas Zakar

    Hi Scott,
    I have same problem since my Windows 10 was updated from 1809 to 1909 two days ago. I get this error message:
    "An unexpected error occurred during license validation:
    There are network adapters on the system that are disabled and TurboActivate couldn't read their hardware properties (even after trying and failing to enable the adapters automatically). Enable the network adapters, re-run the function, and TurboActivate will be able to "remember" the adapters even if the adapters are disabled in the future."
    The build you attached have not solved the problem for me.

  3. Tamas Zakar

    On my computer the problem caused by a Intel Wireless-AC 9650 network adapter, which cannot start since the Windows was updated. Even I do not use this adapter it caused this error message. After uninstalling the this device it seems the Illuminated plugin is working fine again.

  4. Scott Wells reporter

    Thanks for the info, Tamas. I'll pass that on to the licensing vendor so they know about this specific issue. I'm glad you were able to figure it out and get past it.

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