Create a dedicated Problems View for Illuminated Cloud

Issue #172 resolved
Scott Wells repo owner created an issue

Right now IC uses IntelliJ IDEA's Problems View for reporting deployment warnings and errors. There are a few issues with this approach including the fact that it's currently very much tied to Java and keeps IC from being used in other tools such as WebStorm (#65). Additionally while you can add problems to branch nodes, e.g., directories, it doesn't appear that you can remove them. After speaking with JetBrains about this, it sounds like the best way to address these issues may be for Illuminated Cloud to supply its own Problems View.

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  1. Scott Wells reporter

    Transferring the comments from issue #567 for convenient access here:

    If you have a bunch of files in the problem window with issues, and you go fix them all there is no way to just recompile all the files that had the issues, you have to go to each one and save. Be nice if there was a recompile all button, or an ability to select the files in the problem window and right click, save.

    Sometimes you get a lot of problems in the problem window, usually dependent class needs recompile. We have an ant script that will deploy everything but when you do this the problem window still shows the issues. Be nice if there was a clearall button that cleared the problem window and removed the error highlighting from the files.

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