Compilation/validation errors not displayed when Lightning component bundles are deployed

Issue #176 resolved
Vivek M. Chawla created an issue

In Illuminated Cloud I can see all of the Lightning Component and App bundles in my org, as well as all of the bundled source and metadata files that each contains.

However, when I try to SAVE (deploy) the .css file that's part of a component bundle, I get the following error popup.


As you can see, I am trying to save the "helloWorld.css" file in my "helloWorld" component bundle. I have been able to successfully save .cmp files, but not a .css file. To be honest, I'm not sure if I have ever been able to save a .css file in a Lightning bundle.

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  1. Vivek M. Chawla reporter

    Looks like I'm having the same problem trying to save the .js Controller file as well.

  2. Scott Wells repo owner

    How are you trying to save them? If you're just trying to deploy the single file, it won't work. I've not seen that particular error, but I've definitely seen it fail. You have to deploy the entire bundle. Make sure that the aura bundle is part of your module's metadata selection and then use Deploy All Metadata to deploy the entire bundle. I just successfully deployed a bundle including the same types of constituent components that you're showing in the screenshot successfully.

    Part of the first-class Lightning support will be to make full bundle deployment automatic when any bundle contents are modified similar to how I'm handling static resource bundles now.

  3. Vivek M. Chawla reporter

    You're correct. I was trying to save the individual files, and not the entire bundle.

    Good to know that full bundle deployment is on the roadmap. I'll stick with the workaround for now and manually deploy the bundles.

    Since there is a clear workaround and this is a known issue, should I close / downgrade this issue?

  4. Scott Wells repo owner

    Let's keep this around for the small change I'm making to minimally show the legitimate errors that do come back in the Problems View. Obviously I'll address this holistically with Lightning Components support, but I like have an issue to track the changes that I make.

  5. Scott Wells repo owner

    You still need to deploy the entire aura bundle, but it should now show validation/compilation issues in the Problems View. They are not currently linked to the corresponding files because the format of the returned error information is quite different, but it should let you know when and where there are issues until I can provide first-class support.

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