No subscription config in IC tab in Module settings dialog

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Attila Hajdrik created an issue

I was creating a new project based on the video ( to make sure I do it right, and then when I open module settings, I can see my DX project connection, but nothing under it. When I have my PBO connected I can see the usual controls, but push/pull metadata toolbar buttons are not there, also that is not where we add/edit metadata and want to push/pull against.

when DX org is connected I can push/pull the metadata but cannot configure where to push/pull (like different folders as logical separation within the package.

I would use kind: question, but we don’t have that option here, I left as a bug, but feel free to change it.

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    If you're setting up the project against a scratch org you can't edit the subscription because it's automatically managed by the SFDX source sync feature. I'll refer you to the user guide topics on Managing Metadata:

    You can, however, configure a scratch org to behave as a non-scratch org such that IC2 doesn't use push/pull and you can have an explicit package.xml-based metadata subscription. It will basically work as if you were not using a scratch org...until it expires.

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