UNKNOWN_EXCEPTION thrown when attempting to pull latest metadata

Issue #1767 duplicate
Jason van Beukering created an issue

The following error is thrown under the following conditions:

  • Intellij Edition - Community Edition 2020.2.3
  • Illuminated Cloud Plugin Version -
  • To recreate the situation

    • Set API version on a standard connection to 50.0
    • Refresh the Metadata Catalog
    • Attempt to pull the metadata
  • To work around the situation

    • Set API version to 49.0
    • Pull Metadata

Comments (2)

  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    This is due to a regression in Salesforce Winter '21 / API v50.0. The only known workaround is to lower your API version to 49.0. See issue #1743 for more details.

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