Module settings (including connection config) aren't saved properly under JetBrains 2020.3 IDEs

Issue #1775 resolved
Scott Wells repo owner created an issue

This was originally reported via the public discussion groups:

I've reproduced it, debugged it quite a bit, and ultimately have reported it to JetBrains as a regression/bug:

I'm hoping to hear back from them very soon, ideally with either a quick fix from their side or some workaround that I can put in place ASAP. I will also be looking at what I might be able to do in the interim, but the guaranteed workaround would be to downgrade to 2020.2.4 until this is resolved one way or the other.

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  1. Scott Wells reporter

    I've just committed a workaround for this issue. JetBrains support has almost moved the bug that I opened in their issue tracker to an assignee, so hopefully the need for this workaround will be short-lived. The workaround should seamlessly provide the same behavior as before, though.

  2. Scott Wells reporter

    This is the build that will be released tomorrow morning if this is causing considerable issues for anyone in the interim.

    To install it, download the attached archive (don't extract it) and then go into Settings/Preferences > Plugins > Install plugin from disk (under the gear drop-down menu).

    If you do install it and continue to see issues, please let me know ASAP. Otherwise this will be released tomorrow morning US time.

  3. Scott Wells reporter

    Thanks for the feedback, Jeff. Assuming nothing changes unexpectedly between now and tomorrow morning, you'll already be on this week's release so it'll be a no-op for you. I'll post here if for some reason I end up having to (slightly) rev the build before releasing broadly.

  4. Scott Wells reporter

    FYI, there has been one small additional fix for tomorrow's build to address an issue with the new reader mode introduced in 2020.3 on Mac and Linux. I'm attaching a new pre-release build here. If you've already installed you may want to install again.

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