Classes are not recognized if "mark as source" happens after file add

Issue #1781 new
Attila Hajdrik created an issue
  • add class via context menu to an arbitrary - non source - folder
  • mark the folder as source
  • inspect the unit test or other code that references that class, that is still shows unrecognized

I think when a folder is marked as source IC should scan it for source files and update internal symbol state accordingly, perhaps it is a one liner 😉

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    How are you adding the class? There shouldn't be options to create Salesforce-specific file types on directories that aren't under source roots, e.g.:


    Are you just using New>File and naming it Something.cls? If so, that's going to have a number of issues including not creating the meta.xml file. Just curious if you've found a way to create a class in a first-class manner against a non-source directory.

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