Test Level gets reset to default every time the connection is changed

Issue #1972 resolved
Raihan Navroze created an issue

Scenario: I use IC2 to deploy Apex classes etc. to prod.

Issue: When the ‘Deploy All Metadata’ dialog is opened, on switching to any other connection, the Test Level is reset to default. When it’s changed on the prod connection, it seems to be retained the next time the dialog is opened, however the connection is reset back to the project’s default configuration (in my case, a sandbox). When it’s changed back to prod, it gets set to default again.


Dialog opened: Connection is dev:

Changing to prod: Test level reset to default:

Changed the test to “Run local”, deployed, reopened the dialog - test level remains as run local but connection is dev:

Changed back to prod: Test level reset to default:

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  1. Scott Wells repo owner

    Hi. What's happening is that when you switch connections, IC2 is querying the log levels for the SFDC_DevConsole configuration for that new org and displaying those. That's actually desired behavior, at least as the default, because just switching connections should not automatically change the logging level in the newly-selected org; instead it should show that org's state. The exception to that statement is if there is no configured SFDC_DevConsole configuration in the newly-selected org in which case IC2 will behave like the Developer Console and automatically create one using the Default preset.

    I'm certainly happy to entertain an enhancement that causes the current configuration to be applied to the newly-selected org, but that would need to be an opt-in behavior vs. the current behavior which is explicitly designed to minimize unexpected changes to the org's logging configuration.

  2. Raihan Navroze reporter

    I was actually talking about the “Test Level” i.e. Run Local Test, Run All Tests, Run Specified Test, No Tests, Default.

    Is this also tied to the log levels? Please forgive my ignorance if so.

  3. Scott Wells repo owner

    Ah! No, actually forgive me for my Monday morning read of the issue (in other words, my brain is still making the weekend-to-weekday transition). Sorry about that. Yes, I agree that changing the connection should not change the test level. I'll look into that.

  4. Scott Wells repo owner

    Okay, I implemented a small fix for this. For the most part it was already doing what it should, which is to say that if you select a connection to which you've previously deployed, it will use the same test level used in the last deployment to that connection. That's obviously important, for example, when deploying to a production organization. What I did change, however, is what happens when you switch to a connection to which you haven't previously deployed. In that situation, it was using a null test level, but with this change, it will use the currently-selected test level instead.

    This will be included in the next released build.

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